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How to Check Brake Fluid

brake fluid topping up

The brake system is your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s most important— and hard-working— safety feature. To stay safe on Mclean roads, it’s important to always be aware of the condition of your brakes and schedule brake service as needed. Regularly checking your brake fluid is one of the easiest ways to make sure your car’s brake system is in order since brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that helps keep the brake pedal moving seamlessly. It also keeps the brake system lubricated and prevents corrosion. Read on to learn how to check brake fluid and why it’s an important part of car maintenance!

What Color is Brake Fluid?

The color of new brake fluid should be nearly transparent with a slight yellowish tinge. Over time, the color changes to a light brown or dark brown. If your car’s brake fluid looks like motor oil in color, you should definitely change it! The dark color means that the fluid has collected dirt and debris over, which can impact your brakes’ performance. You’ll want to make sure the fluid is free of dirt and debris, so your car brakes can perform properly! The best way to ensure this is by consistent brake fluid checks.

Check Your Car’s Brake Fluid Level in Three Steps

  1. First, locate the brake fluid reservoir. It can be found on the brake master cylinder under the hood. You can consult your owner’s manual for more information.
  2. The exterior of the reservoir is labeled with “minimum” and “maximum” fill lines. Compare the brake fluid line to these markers. If the line is close to minimum, refill the brake fluid or bring your vehicle to our service center and our technicians will do it for you!
  3. Again, check the brake fluid color. Dark brown fluid has absorbed too much moisture, dirt, and other contaminants and needs to be changed.

Schedule Your Next Service at Mercedes-Benz of Tysons Corner!

If your car needs a brake fluid top-up and you’re unsure of which fluid to use, Mercedes-Benz of Tysons Corner can help keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in peak condition! Our service center near Great Falls and Chantilly is staffed with experienced technicians who use the latest equipment and technologies, as well as genuine OEM parts. If you’re curious about other car checks besides daily brake fluid checks, feel free to contact us for more information!

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